Friday, July 3, 2009


Today I was waiting at the 99B stop at Main & Broadway. In the shelter was a woman, a man and a stroller full of happy, bouncy 6-ish month old baby. The baby was working on the three noises it knew how to make and being really happy. I turned to the woman and said, "You have a beautiful baby. What's your child's name?"

She replied quietly, "Ruth".

The man who was sitting on the other side of me said excitedly, "And she was born in Canada!"

I smiled at him and asked where they were from.

"We came here as refugees from the Sudan last year."

I welcomed him to Canada and told him that it was wonderful that they could start their lives over here, though I'm sure it wasn't easy.

He grinned wider.

"I am going to be a Canadian dad. She's going to play baseball and hockey. She's going to learn to dance and sing. She's going to go to school and become very smart." His wife looked a little embarrassed, but I smiled at her too. She smiled back.

Two days after Canada Day I am struck by what kind of hell people go through to get to the new world and the hope and promise of the next generation is why they do it.

To the Sudanese man who's going to be a Canadian dad, thank you for being a part of my Canada. I wish nothing more than sports, dancing, singing and education for your beautiful daughter.

She also rocks that afro like no one's business. Keep it natural for as long as she'll have it.

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