Monday, July 6, 2009

Sell your crazy somewhere else.

To the fundy who commented on an early post of mine:

I do not believe in god, therefore your assertion that my MS was caused by His Wrath does not fit into my world view. Also, your position that if I don't "come to Jesus" I will burn for eternity in a lake of fire seems unhelpful to your cause. Threats of eternal damnation are unlikely to attract me to your god. I'm not interested in attaching myself to an omnipotent, bearded wonder who's that mean. You catch more flies with honey, etc. etc.

Though, when it comes to religion, you often catch more flies with bullshit than you do with honey.

To the person with MS who commented on an earlier post of mine:

Any sentence that begins with the words "You gotta" or "You've got to" is going to be totally ignored. You don't live in my body and my experience with the disease is very different than yours is.

I have had nothing but unpleasant interactions with human beings today. I've deleted all comments by these people and will not accept comments from them in the future.

I don't think the Wellbutrin is working.


  1. Wellbutrin, unfortunatly does not cure other people's ignorance or misguided belief systems. I totally agree, MS or not, to each his own but please keep the up sell to yourselves. More people are ostrisized, marginalized, condemned, mutilated, tortured, abused mentally, abused physically, abused sexually, abused financially and even worse - murdered in the name of some invisible being that on one hand has created everything and has a plan but in the other has supposedly given us the free will to perform some of the most atrocious acts in nature. BUNK! BUNK! BUNK! As my mother always told me (even though she sent me to Catholic School) the bible was written by 4 drunks at a bar, suffering from delusions and hallucinations, giggling as they wrote and thinking "Some suckers will believe anything"!

  2. The last line made me actually laugh aloud - I might type LOL but I almost never DO :-) People are insensitive and stupid, this is why I spend most of my time with my dogs.